Well, you’ve made it over to the bio section. You probably have questions. You probably want answers. You probably want to hear all about how I started playing guitar and singing at a young age. You may want to know about my first ever recording “Dad’s are the Goodest.” You definitely want all the details of the time I asked Maddy Hanrahan to marry me in Kindergarten(she said yes). Unfortunately, I’m not going to tell you any of that. 

What I will tell you is that I completely and fully love music. I love to listen, create and simply be involved in any musical experience. It is the one constant fulfillment in my life and I cannot imagine where I would be without it. Those who make music are thrown into all sorts of different categories, but we can agree on the same feeling that keeps us coming back for more. It’s a difficult thing to describe because it’s intricate and simple. Like anything else, love would have to fit somewhere in the working definition, but it’s beyond even that - it’s love and hate. It’s full of emotion, yet emotionless. Sometimes music and the baggage that it carries are better off embraced than explained. The point is, I’m going to put every ounce of my being into music because I know that it will give back to me. It will run through me and eventually make its way out to you.

If even one of you can listen to my music and feel these twisted emotions, then I could ask for nothing more. I want you to be able to find new meaning to things you thought you already knew. I want you to feel at home when you're listening. I want you to listen and be moved to create something of your own. Art is a universal language that is meant to be powerful and I'm going to take full advantage of that. For some, these goals get lost somewhere in translation. I want to let you know first hand that these ideas will always live in my core. So, if you’d like to know more about “Dad’s are the Goodest” or my playground proposal, shoot me an email(Or buy me a drink). In the meantime, give my music a listen and open up your mind to that unexplainable feeling.